Paypal coming to Pakistan? here’s what Finance Minister Asad Umar said

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PayPal and Pakistan

Asad Umar the Finance Minister rejected on Monday claims that the summary for the approval of international payment through PayPal was being delayed.

“I have personally reached out to PayPal’s CEO for providing this facility for payment on international dealings in Pakistan,” he said while speaking to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Umar said the surety that the government would find out a quick workable system for international payments by Pakistanis.

“After PayPal, the second biggest online payment system in the world is AliPay, whose subsidiary is Ant Financial. This Ant Financial has acquired the majority shares of Telenor Bank, which previously used to be Tameer Bank. In my talks with them, they have assured me that among their first few projects will be an online payment system. So that [is also on the table] but we will keep on chasing PayPal as well.” he added.

He also said that he is also working to bring another online payment system to the country and claimed that Imran Khan’s government is actually ‘chasing’ the online payments giant.

At the start of this month, the State Bank of Pakistan said that Pakistan had failed to document straight money worth $1.5 billion due to unavailability of online payment systems like PayPal in the country.

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