Pentagon Defends Pakistan, after PM Khan and Trump Twitter Fight

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Pakistan remains a critical partner in the US South Asia strategy, Said Pentagon

The statement of the Pentagon came in the support of Pakistan when the heads of the State, Pakistan and US– Imran
Khan and Donald Trump – get into a Twitter fight. It started on Monday when Trump’s outburst on Twitter and said Pakistan did not do a damn thing to help the US in Afghanistan war.

“We paid Pakistan Billions of Dollars & they never told us he (Osama Bin Laden) was living there.” Said Trump

In the response, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, with a series of tweets mentioned the number of sacrifices and contribution of Pakistan for the US.

“No Pakistani was involved in 9/11 but Pak decided to participate in US War on Terror.” Said Imran Khan in a Tweet.

“Pak continues to provide free lines of ground & air communications (GLOCs/ALOCs). Can Mr Trump name another ally that gave such sacrifices?” Khan further added.

Pentagon Statement

While in the series of harsh exchanges of words between the heads of the state, Pentagon intervene in the support of Pakistan and credited its contribution in the US’s war against terrorism.

According to the report of NDTV, Col. l Rob Manning, the Defense Press Operations Director, in an off-camera conference, termed Pakistan as a critical partner to America’s South Asia strategy.

“The US and Pakistan have a strong mutual interest in the region. As you know, they are critical (and) vital to the South Asia strategy and including the facilitation of a peace process that would lead to a stable and peaceful Afghanistan,” Said Col Rob Manning.

“They remain a critical partner in our South Asia strategy and there’s been no change to our military-to-military relationship with Pakistan,” Manning said in the response of a question regarding Trump’s tweets about Pakistan being useless for the US.

“I do not have any announcement on any change to the military to the military relationship we have with Pakistan,” Manning said when asked about Pentagon’s different opinion than Donald Trump’s view on Pakistan.

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