People Of New York Going Crazy Over “Ve Gujjra Ve” And It’s Hilarious

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Gujjar in New York?

Wou Kehty Hain Na “Music has no boundaries” Sahi Kehty Hain! 

And here is why!

Recently, the video surfacing on Internet is so hilarious where people of NewYork “basically Gorays” were seen dancing hilariously on Pakistani song. The song is from a Pakistani movie named “Teefa Gujjar”. The film was released in March 1997 starring Saima and the legend Sultan Rahi.

Apparently, the song was playing on one of the roads of New York (we guess by some Pakistani). And people there went crazy, all the locals started dancing and enjoying, even many passersby stopped and joined them.  And the circle became larger and larger. They didn’t just dance, they were all chanting out loud on the line “Ve Gujra Ve”. Moreover, many of them were dancing along with their mobile cameras on filming their fun moment. We know that they don’t understand a single word and yet they danced their heart out.

If you’re having a bad day, then this 1-minute video will definitely cheer you up!

How music is uniting people in the video is truly amazing. And how people there dancing without any hesitation shows how full of life they are.

Watch and enjoy full video of 4 minutes here!

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