This Is How People Reacted To Coke Studio’s Impressive Discovery; Mishal Khawaja

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The gorgeous Mishal Khawaja

Our favourite coke studio has brought something different this time; new faces with amazing talent. They made a song “Pareek” with Ariana And Amrina who belonged to Kailash and the song is loved by many. Then the song “Faqeera” came which was sung by Shamu Bai and Vishnu who belongs to Sindh. Moreover, we have Naseebaya from Balochistan with their melodious Suroz. Then a song from breathtaking Kashmir ‘Ha Gulo’.

Despite cultural differences and languages, people are loving each of the episodes and songs. The energy and the rawness in these episodes are explicit.

And now from urban Punjab Sargodha Pakistan, the coke studio explorer brought Mishal Khuwaja to us. She is the new sensation. Some are even referring that Mishal is our next ‘Momina Mustehsan”. Mishal was discovered on social media and then Ali and Zohaib went all the way from Karachi to Lahore to meet her.

Mishal belongs to Sargodha but she was raised in Toronto. She joined coke studio explorer and sung her first ever song ‘Tere Bina Soona“.

She has such a melodious voice. Her style and voice both are being praised by many.

But at the same time, she is facing criticism also; her song misses the “coke studio feels”. The vernacular touch that coke studio has from day one doesn’t seem in Mishal’s song. People are concerned that this song doesn’t sound like Punjabi and doesn’t represent Punjab’s culture in any way. Secondly, criticizing the singer as “Parchi”. 

Here comes the criticism!



Well, Mishal hasn’t responded to this criticism yet. Let’s see, if she will or not.

Until then enjoy her new post on Instagram.


Crowded Places . . . #cover #banks @hernameisbanks

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Do comment and let us know, what do you think of her new song and this criticism.







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