Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Fame “21 The Band” Is In Top 4 Now!

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21 The Band is a must in your playlist!

Pepsi Battle of the bands started off with total 8 bands and now they have top 4 left. 21 The band is currently in top 4 bands of this Pepsi Battle of Bands season. The band has performed hit singles like “Taaray, “Mein Bolun” and “In Say Nain” on the sets of Pepsi.

Little about the Trio

The band is a trio and the lead vocalist of the band, Yahya, plays the bass along singing which is a very difficult task in itself. Being a punk rock band not seen after Noori hit the stage almost a decade, 21 has been receiving positive feedback and reviews from judges, critics and audience.

The band has created quite a sensation and recently also performed in Karachi where a huge number of people attended the concert. 21 has been active in the scene for quite years and earlier this year, they released their first album “Mein Bolun” which is available on Youtube, Patari, SoundCloud, and Facebook. The front man of the band, Yahya is the guiding figure in the band.

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Yahya’s dedication towards music

The album, “Mein Bolun” is Yahya’s work as a composer, songwriter and singer. The album took ten years to complete and Yahya throughout these years remained dedicated and committed to music regardless of all the tumults and downs of the music industry of Pakistan.

The journey towards his album began when his mother bought him his first acoustic guitar at the age of 13. Yahya would spend hours trying to learn the guitar grooves of tracks of Noori and EP. Those were the great days of Pakistani Music and Yahya was in awe of the new Pakistani rock bands. Later, his father bought for him his first electric Washburn guitar from Korea. His parents were highly supporting always letting him pursue his passion for music.

His early inspiration in Music was Ali Noor and Yahya loved to perform Noori songs in schools, colleges and universities from  a very early age. At the age of 16, he formed a band with his schoolfellows and called it Xile (Exile). The band would soon become a school sensation and grant him his first opportunity to go on the stage and sing his heart out. Later, Yahya went to LUMS for his grad school and formed a band called XXI (21the band).


21 The Band Made it Big!

Their first song produced by Ali Mustafa (Producer of Ali Zafar) was Dil Ki Baatein. 21’s success started when the band was chosen by Ufone for their famed show Uth Records. The band was paired with Aahad Nayani (drummer of coke studio) and they performed their original Taaray. The song would go on to define the band’s identity and make them a budding pop rock band of Pakistan. Soon the band would release Chalo Utho featuring Ali Hamza from Noori and Taimur Rehman from Laal. Chalo Utho was a tribute to flood relief efforts of students all over Pakistan. The song erased the teen rock image of the band and they started to be recognized as the new upcoming sensation of Pakistani Music.

Later, Yahya teamed up with his old friend of LUMS, Naveed Masood and together they would record four more tracks eventually compiling all the music in the form of Mein Bolun. The album was released earlier this year and has been termed as the best thing to come out in Pakistani Music after a long hiatus of 10 years. The album has a diverse theme and the songs are pure, raw and melodic. Producers and Musicians like Ali Hamza (Vocalist of Noori), Ali Mustafa (producer of Ali Zafar), Gumby and Ahad Nayani (Drummers of Coke Studio), Taimur Rehman (Frontman of Laal), Adeel (Guitarist of Strings), Shahan (Guitarist of Roxen) have all been part of the album. The album sounds fresh and also makes one feel nostalgic about the great rock bands of Pakistan.

Currently, 21 The Band is in the top 4 bands and rocking the stage as ever. We wish Best Of luck to the band!

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