#PepsibattleOfTheBands Season 3 – Some Great Bands From The Recent Episodes

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#PepsiBattleOfTheBands Season 3-Did you miss the great episodes of season 3?

#PepsiBattleOfTheBands is back with its season 3 and it was full of treat for the music lovers. After the hit last season of the Battle of the bands, it was worth waiting for such musical delight. The trio of the judges is same, Meesha Shafi, Farooq the front man of Aroh and national sensation Fawad Khan.

The consistency of Farooq and Fawad depicts the credibility of the show with such astounding talent. And how one can forget finalist Kashmir and Badnaam, a new era of rock music has begun.

After the benchmark set by last season, the recent bands coming in the show looks more organized and well prepared with their music compositions. This things is great because it is getting more intense and joyful with every new band.


Source: Pepsi BoB

Tamasha has set the new horizons in the show, with their energetic performance and that stage dominance outplayed everything. The front man and playback vocalist both held the control performance and the way the presented Aroh’s song even Farooq loved it.


The Sufi Rock band stole the show, playing the soulful kalaam of Bulle Shah “Nukta” they managed to win everything. The powerful vocals combined with the remarkable co-ordination of bassists, guitarist and the drummer made for a stellar performance.


#Pepsibattleofthebands Season 3

The soulful performance by Khamaj on their original “Chimta” resulted into a fantastic comeback. From the mesmerizing vocals to the details in the music like the sound of tambourine added quite an impact to the performance.


Pepsibattleofthebands season 3
Source: Pepsi BoB

Kaghaz the band performed on the Tara Jala by Ali Azmat but it is rare to watch female vocalist doing a justice to such hit song. Her passion for music is quite explicit as she was jamming even during her wedding days, even as a band they were perfect.

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Deja Vu

#Pepsibattleofthebands Season 3

A unique version of Bolo Bolo was presented by Deja-Vu! The band experimented with a mix of jazz and blues. The bluesy, moody originality retained the sound of the band and brought out its identity. The way they picked up all the tunes and played overall, it was amazing.

OB Positive

Pepsibattleofthebands season 3

The band made a comeback as their name also sates OB Positive, this positivity get them back here. However, they were step up from previous season as per judges but they still need a more room in their performance. Boys played the famous  “Ankhon ko ankhon ne” by JJ and it was something great to hear that JJ back.


Pepsibattleofthebands season 3

Aarish played some well deserve their original Aasaman and even judges acknowledged their song.

Easy Games

The rock version of the ghazal Ranjish Hi Sahi by Mehdi Hassan instantly got the judges’ attention. Carving their originality through the song, the band proved its skill and rigor. The vocals were beautiful and the percussions were fantastic.

21 The Band

Pepsibattleofthebands season 3

21 the band claimed to be the punk rock and yet they proved what they claimed. Playing their original in the auditions, they won the hearts of the judges. Their Every department was perfect, lyrics, tunes and drums everything.

The top 8 of the #PepsibattleOfTheBands Season 3 were announced and some unfortunately didn’t made it to the next round. Here is the list,

  1. Tamasha
  2. Bayaan
  3. Xarb
  4. Kaghaz,
  5. Sarmasta
  6. 21 the band
  7. Khamaj
  8. Dejavu

Which band is your favorite? Let us know in comments below.

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