#Plantatree: People of Karachi have finally decided to take initiative on their own

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Karachi is badly effected by environmental changes in last few years. The unstoppable heatwave has caused a lot of damaged to the human life, leaving behind thousands of dead since 2016. Unfortunately, the government is seen no where near to solve this issue due to which whole city is suffering from severe heatwave.

According to the new debate which is circulating all over social media regarding the plantation of Conocarpus, there are claims by majority states that Conocarpus is the secondary cause of increasing temperature in the city. Because of its adaptable behavior and less likely to absorb carbon dioxide, this tree has a negative impact on environment.

People of Karachi have finally decided to take initiative of #Plantatree on their own


In one of the private group made by aware citizen of Karachi, people have decided plant trees on their own and post with #Plantatree. The moderator of the group keep forwarding easy ways of planting a tree.


The awareness campaign has gripped all over social media and this is the best example of how much aware Karachiites are without any support from city’s government.

Here is the video of how allotted park areas of Karachi are occupied by land mafias, which is another cause of ecological changes in the city.

The mass urbanization and rising skyscrapers has effected the nature, but a man like Shahzad Qureshi is a lone warrior working on urban forest system. This man in Karachi is working on Urban forest without any official support from any authority and he is the inspiration for millions of Karachiites.


Lets #Plantatree and make Karachi green again. Share your picture with us while planting a tree, be the hero of this city.

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