Police Arrested and Humiliated Careem Manager, CM takes Notice

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Police Arrested and Humiliated Careem Manager, CM takes Notice

Lahore: Police in Lahore arrested Careem Manager and beats him in public, in response Chief Minster Buzdar took notice.

A very disturbing incident took place in Lahore, where police arrested Careem manager on his denial of providing information of the user. Then, the police took the manager into custody and beat him up in the public. The video of Careem Manager being beaten up by the police, and getting forced to be into the police van went viral.

It could be clearly seen in the video that he was abused by the police. After then, the Careem manager released from the jail and got in touch with the press to explain his stance on this whole issue.

According to Careem Manager, he told media that police arrived at Careem’s office to obtain personal information of a user. The manager told them that they are not authorize to provide them with any personal information. The police insisted, then manager asked for any legal documents if they have as per the international law. To obtain such documents or to do searching, the authorities must have warrant to do so.

However, when the manager humbly requested them that he is not authorized to provide any of the information. The police got furious and took the manager into custody. However, video has been made of the abusive behavior of police, and a lot of people criticized police’s behavior on social media with outrage. The video is shown below:

However, after this news went viral, it reached Chief Minister Usaman Buzdar. He took notice on the situation and ordered an inquiry for it. Furthermore, he said no policemen is allowed to treat civilians in this manner.

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