Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

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Ramzan is the most anticipated month of the Islamic calendar. This 9th month of the lunar calendar requires obligatory fasting for all healthy, adult Muslims from sunrise to sunset. Just like last year, Ramzan will fall during peak summer season. For countries near the equator or in tropical regions, this means long hours of going without food and water in intense heat. In Pakistan, this is accompanied by varying duration of load shedding and water shortage. However, these conditions can be tackled with a precised list of Pre-Ramzan Hacks.

So Here is a List of Useful Pre-Ramzan Hacks:

Read further to learn more about the tips that will help you ensure that the hunger, thirst and heat don’t put a damper on your health and activity levels.

1. Start Hydrating Yourself

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

What’s the first thing that you reach for after breaking your fast, other than khajoor (dates)? Yup, it is that big glass of water. Ever wondered why? Many of us don’t drink the necessary amount of water even in normal days. This can result in numerous health issues such as kidney and skin problems. This problem becomes even more serious during Ramzan, due to the decreased hours of food and water intake. So you can start taking more and regular water before Ramzan to guarantee that you stay on top of your fitness goals.

2. Cut Down On Caffeine & Nicotine

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

I can almost hear the ‘boo’ and ‘baah’ from the camps of the smokers and the chai and coffee enthusiasts. Sorry my caffeine- and nicotine-loving friends, but regardless of how you wish otherwise, tea, coffee and cigarettes are included in the list of things that you cannot have during fasting.

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Many people experience extreme changes in mood and productivity in Ramzan because they are dependent on nicotine and caffeine. To make sure you don’t turn into a grumpy worry-wart, try to cut down on your caffeine and nicotine intake before Ramzan commences. You can also use this as an opportunity to quit your addiction once and for all!

3. Up Your Exercise & Diet Game

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

Who doesn’t want a great body? I sure do! But the majority of us doesn’t move beyond looking up exercise videos on YouTube. Having an active Ramzan requires a fit and healthy body, especially if it happens to fall in the summers. Having a tough schedule and irregular sleeping patterns takes its toll on the body. So start doing light exercise to make your body get used to long hours of work in the heat without any food or water. This will help your body transition easily into the fasting mode.

4. Condition Your Body To Wake Up For Sehri

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

Lets be honest, most of us spend the First Ashra (First 10 days) of Ramzan walking around like zombies. This is simply because we are not used to waking up and having a meal before dawn. Our bodies need to rest, which we can’t get if we sleep late and wake up early. So make yourself get used to the Ramzan schedule before the holy month starts, if you don’t want to end up looking like an extra from The Walking Dead!

5. Punctuality In Salah (Namaz)

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

This one is more related to our psychological and spiritual well-being. Ramzan is originally meant to be a month for meditation and worship. Even the ones who don’t offer their prayers in other months become regular Namazi during Ramzan. So try to regularize your schedule keeping Namaz timings in mind and start offering them right away.

 6. Prepare Now To Cut Down On Kitchen Time Later

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

Pakistanis are a foodie nation. We love our naan, biryani, tikka and kabab. But the humble pakoras leaves all these delicacies behind in Ramzan. However, as all females know, such yummy dishes don’t just appear out of thin air. It takes hours of prepping and cooking to make sure the iftaar table has all the samosas, pakoras, sherbet, sandwiches and chaat that everyone loves. A lot these things can be prepared beforehand. So it is a smart move to do all the grocery and preparation beforehand. By doing so, you will cut down on your kitchen time (not to mention decrease your chances of dying of heatstroke in the sweltering kitchens!).

7. Get Done With Your Shopping

Pre-Ramzan Hacks to Ease Your Transition Into Ramzan

Everyone knows what comes after Ramzan, right? Eid ul Fitr…and the wedding season! In short, an extended excuse to flaunt your superior fashion sense. Everyone who can afford to do so, wears new clothes on Eid. So if you’re into clothes and shopping (who isn’t?), get it over with before Ramzan starts. That way, you can chill indoors instead of haggling over a fabric with bad-tempered shopkeepers under the summer sun.

Bonus benefit: The earlier you buy your clothes, the sooner you can send it to your tailor and the lesser the chance of him ruining your expensive Eid dress!

Ramzan is a month for spending time in prayer and with your family and friends. It makes sense to get as many worldly things out of the way as possible to ensure we make the most of this month. Here’s wishing we all become better, healthier, more productive human beings this Ramzan. Ramzan Mubarak! 

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Jasiah Fatima