President’s Program to Launch Courses of Artificial Intelligence And Computing

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Presidential Initiative towards Artificial Intelligence and Computing for students

President Dr. Arif Alvi initiated to make Pakistan as one of the proficient country in Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Arif Alvi has launched the Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing, which is also known as PIAIC, just a few days back.

It was disclosed a week ago that President is keen to launch such program for students with his partners. Just when this news came out, students were waiting impatiently to know the procedure to apply. A couple of days ago a spokesperson of this program disclosed the details of the program.

The Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing program is offering different courses for the students. Depending on students which course they choose. This program will be offering the education of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), block chain. But, in the first stage of the program, registration is open for only three courses.

Offered courses for the students

President's Program to Launch Courses of Artificial Intelligence And Computing

Artificial Intelligence is included in those three courses. This course is for beginners. To learn what artificial intelligence is and how it is going to work in recent years.

The second course offered is cloud computing. This course is also for beginners. It will give Pakistan more specialist of cloud computing.

Block chain is the third in the list. It is designed for IT specialists to know more about block chain.

It is also noted that all the courses offered are of one year duration. And it will boost IT Department of Pakistan. And it will transform the mass education and research in artificial intelligence completely.

However, this initiative from President Dr. Arif Alvi is appreciated in the country. And it could bring revolution in IT for Pakistan. And can make Pakistan as one of well known IT industries in world.

How to register for the course 

Hence, the registration for the courses has started from Tuesday night and is still in the process. Registration can be done by visiting the website of PIAIC here!

Please let us know what are your views on this initiative by the President?

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