PTA urges WhatsApp to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

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PTA – Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Whatsapp now

Whatsapp hijacking cases are increasing day by day, to which Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) requested the general public to protect their Whatsapp accounts from hijacking by enabling the two-factor authentication feature.

Whatsapp can be hacked by opening a malicious link on your WhatsApp account. Which will get access to your WhatsApp. To prevent this mishap, PTA provided a simplified procedure for the general public to secure their WhatsApp accounts against hijacking.

Here is how you can do the verification

The two-factor authentication feature can secure your WhatsApp account to an extent. For that  PTA released a four steps process. To enable two-step verification, open your WhatsApp app and go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification and then tap on Enable option.

This simple procedure will enable two-step verification on the app to avoid hijacking.

According to experts, WhatsApp hacking is making the users worry. During November 2018, around 90 cases concerning WhatsApp hacks were received by Cyber Wing.

And Recently, WhatsApp accounts were hacked in Karachi and one of the main reasons was the lack of awareness among the general public.

A group of hackers hacked the accounts of numerous Pakistani citizens mostly based in Karachi. The Media quoted the Cyber Crime wing of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) saying that a lot of incidents of WhatsApp accounts hacking were happening across the country.

So, make sure you enabled the two-factor authentication on your phone and spread the words with others you care about.

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