PTI-PPP Clash And The Sad State of Karachi Politics.

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Photo: PTI Official

Same old script, same culprits and the same old city of Karachi.

After an apparent shift in the violent dynamics of the city, last night was a sad but fair depiction of the affairs of the metropolis. Gulshan-e-Iqbal was subject to political hooliganism, an apparent ghost of the past; only to come back to haunt again.

This time around, 2 of the biggest parties in the city (PTI and PPP) went head to head for the right to hold a ‘jalsa’ in the Hakeem Saeed Ground.  As has always been the case, statements from both the parties differed with respect to who provoked who.

PTI leadership maintained it was their right to hold the jalsa on May 12, with Naeem Ul Haq stating PPP antics as a means to create a rift in the city. PPP, on the other hand, clarified their stance as legally correct as they had “applied for the permission from authorities first.” Shehla Raza went on to say that they would not let “PTI act like MQM”, a jibe on the latter being behind the past violent outbursts in the city.

Banners were torn, vehicles were set ablaze and the public property was left damaged. An apparent attack on the right of expression, as the victims would claim. Several were left injured and hundreds of others were stuck due to the traffic disruption on the University Road.

Photo: Geo News

In a dark contrast to their political motto’s that promise progression and education; the party members were engaged in violence and abuse to public property. 

The incident which led to physical boundaries being trespassed resulted in Aamir Liaquat being subject to assault rose concerns among the citizens. It is worth asking when (if ever) will we go through a peaceful electoral process?

See: Aamir Liaquat was subject to physical assault.

As the elections grow to a close, Karachiites prepare for boiling temperatures in the political scenario that threaten to hurt the peace in the city. We are left questioning regarding the authorities’ role in peace-keeping. Yet again we are left questioning the available choices we have as electoral candidates.

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