Quetta resident travels 132 cities on a motorcycle to promote harmony

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Driven by his determination to project a better image for Balochistan, motorcyclist Abdullah Jan Al Noor set on his mission 48 days ago.

He entered Quetta back on Tuesday.

Noor told the media, “Carrying the message of peace and love, I commenced my journey on April 6 from Quetta. After travelling all cities of the country, including Gilgit, Azad Kashmir and Sanjit Garh, a Pak-India border city in 47 days I returned home”

Doing such a task on a motorcycle is no easy task, and that alone speaks volumes about Noor’s love for Pakistan.

Source: Facebook/Abdullah Al-Noor

During his solo trip of 132 cities, many negative things about Balochistan and its people made way to Noors’ ears.

“I moved peacefully carrying the Pakistani flag to discourage hatemongers and spread the message of love and respect. I traveled as a Pakistani and not as a Baloch, Pashtun or any other sect. My motive was to build a positive image of our country.”

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Describing his visit at the Pak-India border town Ranjit Garh, Noor said, “During my visit to the border town I met Indians and shared the message of peace. These borders were created by humans and we have to spread peace and love in order to revamp the strained Indo-Pak ties.

Law and order situation in Balochistan has been subject to doubts over the past. Noor is adamant that the loving and caring people of Quetta will welcome tourists with open arms. “Though I haven’t been supported by any government official or organisation, my vision and thoughts are for peace. The rest of the country refrains from visiting Balochistan, but I met people of the rest of the cities and succeeded in building a positive image of my Balochistan.”

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