QB ft. Jason Derulo? OH MY GOD!

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Quratulain Balouch making us proud

As the FIFA world cup football fever is hitting football lover’s nerves. QB has thrown something even more beautiful on it. Who doesn’t know QB aka Quratulain Baloch, the heart stealing coke studio singer the Pakistani Humsafar girl!  

Who rocked our Coke studio Pakistan too. And becomes the coke studio sensation. Also, sung many hit OST’s. The talented lady has now paired up with an International singer Jason Derulo for the football anthem which is sponsored by Coca-Cola named as “COLORS”.


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The video of the song was shot in Miami, Haiti, and our very own The city of lights Karachi. Song’s video has vibrant colors and showing off many International flags including Pakistan in the background. Which shows Unity and celebrations despite being culturally different. The song is spreading a really great message because celebrations and togetherness in the song are simply heartwarming.

Can you see the Pakistan flag in the background!


The super fun & catchy song is kind of finally replacing Shakira’s Wakka Wakka song.  Moreover, The song is not just fun to listen, it also has a great concept of unity and peace.  The song will give you the feeling of football’s ‘arrival’ in Pakistan. Though Pakistan has a large number of football lovers.

In the video, we also got to know that QB is not just an incredible singer but a really fine dancer as well. Yes, she showed some good desi and Walyti moves in the video.


QB has always had a different style, she always comes up with uniqueness when in comes to hairstyle or dressing. If you’ve seen one of her song ‘saiyaan’  then you probably know what i’m trying to say here.

In this song’s video, her wardrobe and hairstyle are just simply outstanding as always.

Check out the desi touch in her dress!

By the way, the song is already trending on number 39 on youtube. And here is the little glimpse of it.

Quratulain Balouch has stolen our hearts once again.

Here is the response of the people on youtube.



Yes, indeed. QB did make us Pakistanis proud!

You can watch the full video here and share your views with us!

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