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The Humsafar girl

The outspoken female Rockstar of Pakistan, Quratulain Balouch, having  637k  fans following on Instagram and 379k on her twitter. Last night while scrolling down to my youtube and happen to watch Quratulain Balouch aka Qb’s interview with Samina Peerzada in the show called ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ in which QB shared some soulful & life-changing experiences. The interview started with some of the personal life questions, her family and where she was born where’s her family residing. When Samina Peerzada asked that it must be difficult to manage as she has families living in Pakistan and in the US too, QB said:

When you’re passionate about something, nothing else matters.

Qb also shared her devastating childhood story, how her parents got separated. She also shared how she used to recite Naat’s in her school assembly and found out she got the tune. She told the history behind her name too, her father named her Shahira and her family calls her with the nickname Sherry, but had to change it to Quaratulain after the birth of her younger sister Nurulain to sync.

She wasn’t a really good student, she said;  The school was just an escape for her. And about her college life, the beauty said, I did my FSC from Pakistan and went to the US and dropped out and never went back to school and she won’t even got back to continue, because she said:

Education is suppose to bring awareness: where’s that awareness?

According to her, the school system is so flawed that it make her angry sometimes.

She got married too, but it was more like she got married off.  The Rockstar girl said she got married because of the patriarchal system in our society.

The idea that a women should get married and tend to the house. They’ve put the women in a box within our society. As soon as she tries to get out of it, she’s labeled different names.

After her marriage, she said: When she finally got the chance to see her mother after 15 years, that’s when she decided she didn’t want to be married. And got separated from her husband.

Women are underestimated. We are so strong as a specicies, as well. They’ve domesticated us. They’ve supressed her.

When Samina asked: how she discovered she can use her voice to change her life and the world. The singer was swamped with emotions and wanted to find a way to let those emotions out. She decided to start singing when she came back to Pakistan in 2010:

I wanted to sing. I wanted to hear myself.

 Her perspective about life

The Humsafar girl said: she wanted to do something with her life and the ability that God has given her. She used to listen to Reshma jee those days and decided to sing “Akhiyan Nu Rehn de” as a cover It was her first song and it went viral.

I was emotionally charged and so she just tried to bring in as many emotions as she could in the song: said Quratulain. And then, later on, she was approached by the coke studio.

About her singing, she told that she never got the training, she’s taking classes now, but she found it really tough as she’s always been free to sing on her own.

She also shared about the traumatic accident she had back in 2013 in which she had her c3 and c4 vertebrae broken and were critical.   But to her, the accident was a turning point as she was disappointed with life back then. She also tells us that she fell in love twice.

Samina asked: What’s life?

On which she said:

Life is a mystery. Life is a dream. You make it whatever you like.

She breaks down saying that once she was listening to Surah Rehman and she felt she was choking. She said the surah gave her so much strength. And she talked about how she made peace with her parents now and she has surrendered to what life will through at her cause, in the end, it’s God’s will.

People responded to her interview so overwhelmingly and encouraged her on being so pure and honest.

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