Ramadan: In this jail Hindu prisoners also fast with their Muslim brothers

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This Tihar jail in India is the best example of interfaith harmony, where Hindu prisoners also fast with their Muslim brothers.

It is country’s most crowded prison located in Delhi. More than 60 prisoners observe fast regularly in Ramadan with their Muslim brothers. Everyone stated that they have their own reason to observe fast despite of coming from different faiths.

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One prison in conversation with Police official said, he is fasting for his early release. A 45 year old female charged for allegedly kidnapping said she is fasting for protection and welfare of her son outside. Almost majority of them fast with their Muslim co prisoners in the month of Ramadan.

“A 21-year-old prisoner who came to jail a few months ago is also among those fasting. He told jail officials he is doing so because he observed his Muslim co-prisoners fasting and wanted to participate with them”, reported Hindustan Times.

As the temperature was expected to rise in Delhi, the jail officials said that they have made special arrangements for the people who are observing fast. Rooh afza and dates are served on regular basis to all the prisoners. Superintendents of the jail also participate in Ifaar with all the prisoners.

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The director of the jail said, “across all jails, officials have put up boards which display the sunset timings every day. We have ordered dates and rooh afza for all the fasting prisoners. There is also a special arrangement to make space available for them to offer their prayers in the morning hours. The jail timings have also been relaxed for prisoners who are fasting.”

“Inside the prison the one thing that the prisoners have is time. Each of them is troubled in their own way. Many of these prisoners try to change their ways and seek the end of their trouble in religion. Inside the prison, we see many cases of prisoners either finding a newfound religious connection or losing whatever little faith they had,” a jail officer, who wished to stay anonymous, remarked about the fasting Hindu prisoners.

It’s a fact that while being in jail you look for repentance and seek for religious guidance.

originally appeared on : HindustanTimes

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