Ramadan Transmissions: Hypocrisy Of The Pakistani Celebrities

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Ramadan Transmission!

For the entire Muslim Ummah, month of Ramadan is bunch of blessings and good deeds but for Pakistani celebrities, its the month to roll in stacks of cash. Pakistan has evolved a lot in terms of Ramadan transmission. The trend began back in 2012, when they started adding (FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF TRP) insensitivity and insanity to these graceful broadcasts. Although it has influenced a remarkable change in television synopsis, but now it has gone far beyond a point of appreciation.

The double standards of these people who live in a fantasy world, which only revolves around the brands they are wearing or the expensive vacation they take, cannot even come close to the level of hypocrisy. Not even a bit of it. It is hard to figure out whether it’s the profession where turn all glittery and sparkly or it’s all natural. Yes, we do live in a independent country and everybody has the right to live freely, but that doesn’t mean you turn against your own conscience. The celebrities leaving everything behind to boost their show ratings, similarly T.V channels have adopted this thing to double up their business.

Patriotic Lodhi

Recently on a transmission of Ishq Ramadan, Sahir Lodhi showed that how far he can go just to attain attention. The faultless girl was delivering an oration in one of the segment of the transmission. In the middle of her speech, Mr. Lodhi, starts to overreact. Although the sad thing is, no one responded to it and to the reaction of angelic Sahir Lodhi, the girl was guiltless.

Have look on a scenario,

For instance, if girl had made a mistake, then being a senior person you should clear her points rather reacting like a 10 year old who had his toys confiscated for bad behavior. It was a very cheap publicity stunt.

Aamir Liaquat

The pioneer of Ramadan transmission Aamir Liqauat Hussain, always has been under critics and controversies. From the incident of “Aam Khaogay” to the chronicle of “Taher Shah“, the people have witnessed the unnatural moments. The recent switch of Aamir Liaqaut from GEO to BOL has developed rivalry of game shows.

BOL,  self proclaimed No. 1, channel came up with a worlds biggest Ramadan transmission where the show promised to offer airplanes. Although the level has gone extreme, that half of the nation is living under poverty line but these shows are providing luxuries. To increase viewership and ratings, channels and their hots can do every act no matter what type capacity it has.

On other hand the new tit for tat began between these channels. Where every channel is mocking Aamir liaqaut’s claim of offering airplane.

Shoaib Akhtar & Wasim Akram VS Aamir Liaquat

Other Celebrities

It is like these 30 days are most awaited for some celebrities. Doing everything whole year and sudden turn in to a holy person for a month.

Recently, the famous tutti fruti girl Ayesha Omar is also got featured in one of the Ramadan transmission. Its like these shows are providing character certificates. Even though its hard to analyze the psyche of people who do follow that and give this much ratting. Turning your veil on and preaching the teachings just for a month won’t wash away all your sins.

People do not have any personal grudges neither they should carry, it’s a free word but all they have issue with is their level of hypocrisy. This month is all about respect, discipline and carrying good deeds but these heavenly creatures have put things in very strange way.

Even Waqar Zaka released his video,

We do respect them but we have issue with the double standards.

Happy Ramadan !


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