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Muhammad Rashid, a Karachiite, is one of the most expert martial artists of Pakistan. His records prove that he takes it way too seriously! He is one of the very few Pakistani who have made it to the Guinness World Records. Recently, he made a new record…

His New Guinness World Record

Rashid added another record to his name this year by smashing 77 unopened cans in just 60 seconds! The liquid spray that followed left many spectators thanking God for the foresight of bringing umbrellas with them! Watch this exciting video to see the spectacle:

He made this record on 16 April 2016 but he was declared the record holder for this particular record recently.  The event where this happened was organized by Associazione Cons.erva. and took place in Gemona, Italy.

As per the rule, the cans had to be unopened and be crushed to a minimum width of 3 centimetres. Rashid was successful in meeting the criteria of this record. His attempt was highly appreciated by the people present there, who had come across from different countries for the event.

Previous Records

Additionally, Rashid has an interesting history of making records. Some of his previous world records include the following:

  •  hitting the most nunchakus in a minute i.e. 350! 

The nunchaku (“nunchuks“, “chainsticks“, “chuka sticks” or “karate sticks” in English) is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope.

daily-punch-blog Guinness World Record
Nunchaku Source: Wikepedia
  • cracking most walnuts (210) by hand, and
  • most walnuts by head (181) in 1 minute each.
  • smashing the most walnuts by elbow in a minute and number of walnuts he smashed was 128!
  • He also won the title for most spins of a fire staff in a minute (188 spins).

Moreover, Muhammad Rashid is the founder and president of “Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts”. Here he trains his students and encourages other people to learn this art.

People seem to be very impressed. Most of them are appreciating Muhammad Rashid for taking martial arts and his skills to next level as well as praising him for his determination.

This is what Pakistanis have to say about this:


Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record Guinness World Record

Pakistanis are proud of him for making painting our country in good light on an international platform. He should be thanked him for portraying our countrymen as skilled and strong.

We all should also pray for him to achieve more titles and respect in the coming years.




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