Reactions of people on Pakistan Super League (PSL) 4 Anthem

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Reactions of people on Pakistan Super League (PSL) 4 Anthem

Pakistanis are crazy when it comes to cricket. And Pakistan super league is the best thing that happened for cricket lovers. As this years PSL 4 is just around the corner the PSL anthem was compulsory. Just like the previous ones. Lat year’s anthem “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” by Ali Zafar was heart touching plus fun and gave goosebumps each time we listen to it.

Here it is

And this time PSL 4 anthem “Khel Deewano Ka” is sung by Fawad Khan. But people don’t really like it though!

Here we have the funny memes and reactions by Twitteraties!


Some gave the example of Meera and Bilawal!

Some missed Ali Zafar




Here is how you can buy Pakistan Super League 4 (PSL) tickets

Sad reacts only!


Never Judge a book by its cover!




These were some of the negatives but we had positive reactions too in favor of Fawad Khan


Baat Hai Sach Magar Baat Hai Ruswayi Ki

Duo appreciation!

Listen to the full song here!

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