Reasons To Watch ’13 Reasons Why’!

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Reasons to watch, 13 reasons why!

The series ’13 reasons why’ is the latest Netflix series, which apparently, is driving everyone crazy. The series is based on the bestselling novel of Jay Asher, 2007.

The story is about the young high school girl, who commits suicide because of bullying and several societal reasons which were haunting her mind forcing her towards a brutal death.


     1. The dominance of rape culture:

The story has many reasons to watch, but it depends upon the viewer on what their approach is and how the audience is analyzing the story either positively or negatively. The depiction of suicide and rape might be hard for viewer to absorb, but it has been the reality of society. You can’t just turn a blind eye on such incidents.

It is giving a clear picture of rape crimes in the society, on how the act ruin the lives of victims. Even though after surviving, it haunts the victim for a long time. The aftermaths are horrible, diminished alertness, numbness and dulled sensory. Sometimes it ends up in psychological disorders.

      2. Fashion of bullying:

Fashion of bullying is like a disease, which begins insidiously and progresses relentlessly. It can produce lifelong mental disorders in the victim and in more severe cases it can lead the victim to end their own misery. Hannah, the main character followed the same way and ended up taking her own life.


      3. The story is not just believable, but Relatable.

Most of the time, when we read books, watch shows portraying  suicide or bullying, it looks quite unreal and fictitious. However, this show has illustrated the actual circumstances which led Hannah, the lead character to death. All the 13 people are not heartless, monster, cruel and vicious characters but 13 teenagers with imperfections.


     4. Lack Of attention from parents.

In 13 Reasons Why, the major reason of  Hannah’s suicide are her parents and loneliness. Parents need to monitor the activities of their children, because it is mandatory to have a strong support system to get thorough different phases in our lives.
There are things which lead to isolation, and isolation guides you to depression which ultimately pushes you to either engage in illegal activities, drugs and sometimes committing suicide.

5. Rumors!

Rumors and gossips can be highly malicious and it can go way beyond than hurting feelings. The sad thing is we love to participate in gossips unless we are a subject to it. This happens, not just in schools, colleges and universities but also prevail in workplace, the cooked and untrue stories not only damages your character, but also hostiles your mentality. The book and series have perfectly pictured the effects of such circumstances.


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