Reham Khan is a traitor, says the curly hair queen Annie Khalid 

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After the Pulwama attack tension occurs between both sides of the border. India is accusing Pakistan of the attack that it was the planning of Pakistan and Pakistan did it. To which Imran Khan, the Prime minister of Pakistan finally replied and his stance on the attack was applauded by many.

Here’s the speech


After this, an Indian TV channel invited Reham Khan (the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan) to join the show. In the show, the ex-wife Reham criticized PM Imran Khan and the government’s response to Pulwama attack and replied positively to questions posed by the host of the show to damage Pakistan’s image.

Also, she supported the conviction that the Prime Minister’s speech, about the Pulwama attack, was not his extempore speech. It was scripted, heavily censored by the Military and Establishment and had multiple edits.

Later, Reham faced heavy criticism on social media for Her anti-Pakistan statements in the interview.

Annie Khalid also questioned her that who she actually is.

She Tweeted


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