Childhood Games You Would Remember If You Are A 90s Kid Part 1

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Considering the fact the last 90s Kid is now an adult too, you are not a kid anymore! But we all are tempted to act like kids if there’s a chance to play one of our beloved childhood games! We all have enjoyed these games when we were younger. Golden were those days! I still remember getting very little time to play after school and we used to make the most of that. Let’s relive our beautiful childhood memories by going through our list of the best games that we played as children.

Albert Einstein said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” But in our games we made our own rules for our ease!

Baraf Paani

In which we used to run around saving ourselves from the so called “Chor”. But still ended up being “Baraf” and waited for someone to come and “Pani” us. Weird, but yeah it is what it was called. The most important hack to avoid getting “out” of the game was saying, “HATH LAGA K BOLNA HAI!” or “BHAEE HATH NAHIN LAGAYA!”

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Carrom Board

The game that raised many (dangerous) disputes, among our friends and cousins. This game was one of the most played board games. Even adults would play along and that would double the fun. The most demanded thing for carom board was “boric powder” because it made the “goati” slide more. And we cared more about getting the “rani/queen” than about actually winning the game!

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The best place to play was our own street. We all had our own rules. Fours and sixes could be scored by hitting the ball such that it landed at a certain distance (and inside the houses of the more friendly neighbors!). The batsman would be out if he or she would throw the ball into an unfriendly neighbor’s house! Specially if they refused to return our ball. Things would get messy if by chance we tried to score an Afridi-style “Chakka” and ended up crashing the window of a one of those neighbor’s house! Also, the way of selecting players for each team was hilarious.

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Chupan Chupai

Hiding from the “Chor” so he/she couldn’t find us, but also seeking him to save us by locating where we had hidden. Calling out “Impress” and “Bhanda” though I still don’t know what these terms actually mean! We just used to yell the words and perform dance of victory when we would be saved. And those who had become the Chor would always try to fool around with the counting so as to start searching even before the other poor kids had had a chance to hide. The point was to get to know all the nice hiding spots. Even after that, the Chor would still have the audacity to claim that, “Mene 100 tak gina tha!”

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Hitting others’ legs to call them out or taking other person’s name to call their turn. All we had to do was save our foot from getting hit. In the meantime, we would be trying hard to hit others’ legs to become the winner. Although there wasn’t any reward of winning and the game restarted right after the previous one had finished, the joy of winning the game was priceless!

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Kho Kho

The game in which we used to run around against the other team which would be sitting on the ground. We had to push the other person calling, “KHO!”. That player would have to run and we would occupy his or her place. The game was great fun and made us laugh out loud very much.  90s Kid

Kony Kony Wala

Yet another interesting game the 90s kids played. It required you to stand in a corner and switch places with other teammates, all the while avoiding the Chor. If the Chor made a run for the corner and reached before you, he won’t be the Chor anymore.  You will be!

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Our most favorite board game! This used to create great fights too. There wasn’t a single time that it ended without fights or a little bit of cheating here and there. We were still addicted to Ludo and enjoyed the game no matter what.

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Oonch Neech

Running and reaching the top-most place so that the Chor couldn’t catch us because that was our safe area, the “OONCH”. The place where we were unsafe was “NEECH” and here, we could be caught by Chor. Running around like crazy was the most fun part of this game.

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Pakaram Pakrai

No safe area in this game, mates. Run and run or you will get caught. Then the next thing you know you will be the Chor. After that, you will be running to catch the one of the other players who you can transfer the ‘title’ to!

90s Kid

Ah, what days were those! No laptops, cell phones or any other gadgets to stop us from enjoying outdoor games with our siblings, cousins and friends. Innocent games that gave us a good deal of exercise and also taught us important lessons such as on friendship and teamwork. Most importantly, they gave us beautiful memories to cherish for life!

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