This Restaurant Introduces Fried Chicken Biryani & Awaam is going crazy!

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Optp a.k.a one potato two potatoes has always had the attention of social media before they introduces fried chicken biryani. Like back in 2017, they were accused of their ruthless replies on their page. Here is the little through back to that behavior of OPTP.


Their replies were so shocking that people roasted them so well. And now once again, they are in highlights and this time because of the zulm they did is, unexplainable. They introduced a FRIED CHICKEN BIRYANI that has a piece of fried chicken and some fries on top of it. And I’m so devastated and sorry to all of you already, that I’ve to share that heartbreaking picture with you all.

So, brace yourselves for the excruciating view of our beloved  Birayni being tortured by OPTP.

Zara tars na aya tumhain ye karty hoy zalimo!

People on social media are going crazy after this.

Har Taraf nafsa-nafsi ka Alam! 

It seemed like no one will ever going to accept their ‘Mazy ka fusion‘.

There are like thousands of comments on their post but here we gonna share some of them with you people.

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Birayni rights dharna!

Are you with us?

Some called it a harassment of biryani, some recited Fateha for it.

Biryani ki bey-hurmati par, awaam main shadeed gham-o-ghussy ki lehar! 


And here OPTP suggesting people to try their biryani first, but people seemed pissed because of the quantity they served in.

And some even tried and one of the reviews is here!

Some called it a yahoodi sazish!

Baat tou sach hy

 magar baat hy ruswayi ki!

And this is the most savage reply!


Most of the people were complaining about the price that they were too high.

And some predicted the future disaster dishes.

So it has been labeled as a copied concept!

And then there were only few who actually liked it and was in favor of them.

Biryani ki baat hou or lahore ko yaad na kia jaye? 

It’s like they’re just teasing Rozy-daars with this stupid concept.

What’s your reaction to this devastation, share with us!

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