Ronaldo, Messi; Here Are Football Stars Who Have Never Won World Cup

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Some of the greatest football stars of the history who won everything but unfortunately not World Cup.

It doesn’t mean football stars who have never won World Cup are not legends. Their contributions in the football history are exceptional and no one match to that level. But it is saddening for their fans because winning World Cup is a unique trademark and this adds a different kind of value to their footballing career.

Here are some football stars without World Cup.
  1. Ibhrahimovic

How unfortunate is that with Ibrahimovic, Sweden didn’t qualify in last 2 World Cups. And without this star player, they qualified and even managed to leave a mark against big teams.

2.Messi The misfortunate Messi in World Cup is the most hot topic of the football history because this man has achieved all world records except this trophy.

3. Ronaldo A star in his own way. Ronaldo has also won everything except World Cup but his career is not finished. By the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Ronaldo will be 37 but his fitness is superb.

4. Paolo Maldini Maldini is the top name in AC Milan club history with his master defending techniques, he won several Champions League titles but unluckily that luck didn’t work with his national team Italy.

5. Oliver Kahn Oliver Kahn became the only goalkeeper to win Golden Ball in the World Cup, after he led his side to the final in 2002 with five clean sheets. But that wasn’t enough. Ronaldo, with his two goals made sure that Brazil go home with the trophy and Kahn goes back with a life-long regret.

6. Luís Figo Real Madrid and Portuguese legend Luis Figo is another football star with sick luck. Figo participated in 2 World Cups and took his country to the semifinals in 2006 but lost the match. These are few in the list with remarkable performance in football history but no World Cup in their hands. So, there has been along list of stars without World Cup.

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