Sadaf kanwal Ravishing Item Number is the New Internet Sensation

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Sadaf Kanwal’s New Song, Ravishing or Vulgarity ?

Item song is the most debatable issue in Pakistan. While local cinema making its revival in the recent years and simultaneously the clash of mentalities is on the rise. The new item song of the gorgeous Sadaf Kanwal is breaking internet and at the same time tons of critics are following the song.

Sadaf Kanwal starring in new item song Kaif o suroor of Namaloom Afraad sequel. Her bold look is hard for few people to absorb but on other hand some appreciated. According to some Pakistani celebrities item songs should be put to an end because they portray utter vulgarity. On this recent release of number of item songs Hamza Ali Abbasi reacted in a same manner.

He posted,

It’s heart breaking and disappointing to see brilliant Pakistani film makers still using ITEM NUMBERS to sell their films. How can the censor board allow such filth to run in cinemas and how can PEMRA allow this to be run on channels? Pakistani artists finally managed to get enough respect in the society that now young educated boys and girls from good families are coming into this field, please don’t spoil this hard earned respect by putting on a flesh show and calling it glamour!!! Item songs degrade women and objectify them, which goes against the essence of Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Rights, our religion and our norms. (All those ignorant friends commenting about JPNA, please go to Google, type “Hamza Ali Abbasi JPNA” and you,ll get your answer)

Majority will agree that what he posts and claiming this is an imported trend from our neighbour land. In contrary to this argument this particular trend is going on from decades in our industry. We must not overview those old Punjabi songs with all that shakes and twists.

Our deprived cinemas are coming back on the track, where Bollywood movies were the only desired thing. It will surely take time for people to get adjust with these speedy changes but at last we have to. We respect every individuals opinion but masses want substitute of Bollywood’s content.

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Paras Waswani