Salman Ahmad and many others are not happy with the Imran Khan’s decision

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I can no longer justify and defend Imran Khan, says Salman Ahmad.

Recently the surprise press conference of the PTI chairman, Imran Khan and announcement of Aamir liaquat joining the party has disheartened millions of supporters and members.

The former Junoon star Salman Ahmed has been with the party from last 35 years but lately his statement on twitter showing no hope for continuing his loyalty for Imran Khan and party. Taking to twitter he posted his final words and announced his departure.

 “After 35 years of defending, supporting and justifying Imran Khan to the world, I no longer can. I fear the reptiles surround him.”

The joining of Aamir Liaquat has not only effected Salman Ahmed but number of people who have been in the party for years. PTI’s social media cell team member Adil Ansari also announced his departure in tweet.

For all who had belief that PTI is the change we see in politics are mourning over this decision of Imran Khan and this thing is quite serious for party’s future. However, just for the one seat in Karachi, Khan is loosing his all credibility and struggle he did for the party.

How do you think this is going to effect PTI? Let us know in comments.

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