Sania Mirza gives a Shut up call

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Her Reply is perfect

Sania Mirza who is known as a famous Indian tennis player. She is married to our cricket star Shoaib Malik. However being the stars of their own country. They are very much liked by both sides of the border. Recently the news took over the internet. Sania Mirza is expecting a baby. They both shared each and every update about this. Whereas social media take it for granted. They start trolling on all the social platform.

Everyone is giving her advice. And now this what she got to say in an answer.
She continued this twitter thread by another tweet.

Sania Mirza hit all the trolls against her. She slams the people especially men who give her advice on pregnancy. Sania Mirza ace in tennis and known for splendid performances in her field. During all this time she posted many updates which led to unnecessary advice on social media.


In this era, many people still have this opinion keeping women confined within four walls. But time has changed and many women enjoy each and every phase of their life. That is why many other celebrities also never hesitate. They never shy away in flaunting their baby bump or walking a ramp too.

Recently she pauses her career to welcome the new one in her family. Wishing Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza both a very best of luck. More Power to you.

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