Sapphire Introduced Shopping Bags Embedded With Seeds

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The clothing brand Sapphire introduce biodegradable seed infused bags

Sapphire is a well known Pakistani clothing brand which has women and man clothing and also towels, bedsheets etc.

Just recently Sapphire started a great initiative and everyone is appreciating them. Yes, they introduced incredible shopping bags that are embedded with seeds. Hence each bag is a little plant.

Finally some environment-friendly approach by these brands!

What does exactly the bag do?

The bag is made of plantable paper with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste.

If you’re confused about how to plant it, the bag has all the instructions on how to plant it.

Isn’t it an excellent way?

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As Pakistan has been facing crucial climatic changes for some years now, and many people have lost their lives in these past years because of extreme heat strokes, this is a great idea to normalize the harsh weather conditions in Karachi. Everyone was on the plan to plant trees to stabilize the environment, there were so many plans going on about planting and spreading the awareness of planting trees as much as one can.

If all these brands start adopting these ways, we all can fix it together and make Pakistan green!

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