Sehar Drinks To Keep You Hydrated & Healthy This Ramadan

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Fasting in summers can be difficult, as you end up being thirsty as hell. So you need to consume something healthy in your sehri that will keep you hydrated throughout the scorching summer day. In sehar, most of us (desi people) go for chai all the time. So this Ramadan Instead of chai, try these healthy & hydrating drinks in your sehar.


Go for some yogurt drinks. As yogurt has some friendly bacteria for our stomachs. It’s also a great boost of vitamins B-2, B-12,potassium& calcium. Yogurt keeps your stomach calm & keeps you hydrated which will ease your thrust throughout the day during fast.

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You can make easy meethi lassi with it or any yogurt smoothie of your choice. Internet is exploding with the recepies.



Then we have smoothies, again smoothies are made of milk & fruits and packed with lots of anti-oxidants energy & nutrients. A glass of healthy fruit shake in your sehar can help you with you thrust afterward, plus it can enhance your mood too. Smoothies have pretty good variety, If you’re a mango lover you can go for a big glass of chilled mango shake as it’s a mango season too or banana for potassium boost. I personally prefer date shake in my sehar, it’s lot of nutrients.

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Coconut water is a drink worth sipping all year long as it’s a super healthy water with overwhelming nutrients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, fiber, Vitamin C, protein, calcium, sodium and much more. It’s super hydrating with a refreshing natural sweet flavour. You can also use coconut water to make a other drinks, using it as an ingredient.



Instead of the same old laal sharbat or orange instant drinks, opt for something healthier, natural and energy booster. Try different natural juices like, if you love watermelon then make a glass of chilled watermelon juice for you in your sehar. It’ll not only keep you hydrated but energetic too. This isn’t it, you can also go for falsa  (Grewia asiatica) juice, husk melon juice, etc.  The more fruits you have, the more juices you can make with them.

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So stay hydrated, energetic & healthier, Ramadan Kareem!

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