Selfie became a problem for the mobile snatchers in Karachi

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Selfie caused trouble

It was a sad sad day for two mobile snatchers. Sadly, two muggers in Karachi stole a woman’s phone successfully but then the table turned. How? the muggers took selfies with the snatched phone without realizing what the selfies will be bringing for along to them. They didn’t know that the woman’s phone uploaded the pictures automatically to her Google account, giving the victim a clear picture of the thieves.  

                                                               Source: Google

It all happened on December 29, 2018, when two men robbed a woman near Sultan Masjid in DHA. A case was already registered against them at the Darakshan police station.

The men were arrested in Malir a few days ago after their unfortunate selfies were uploaded to her Google account.

So, finally, a selfie did something.

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