Shahid Afridi posted a message on twitter and fans are praising him even more

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Lala gave a purposeful message on Twitter

Pakistan’s National hero Shahid Afridi aka Lala is the most loving celebrity of Pakistan. He has been doing some great deal of charity work lately. And even established a foundation in the name  Shahid Afridi foundation aka SAF. According to the Twitter bio of SAF,

 is for the less privileged to give them what we can to keep their 

A day back Afridi posted a little video with this caption on his Twitter account:

Living a life for oneself is very easy. Let’s live for others. We have been blessed with countless bounties & its time to standup for our brothers & sisters in need. Let us become great by giving & caring for ALL Give Love, give More &spread Hope for 2gether



Here’s the beautiful message of him with a video. While everyone loved him for such act,  some people managed criticized him for ‘showing off’ his kindness, upon which Lala tweeted this later:


The purpose of my last tweet was to inspire others to perform acts of kindness. Today, share your videos or photos performing any such act of kindness, not to show off, but to inspire one another to do good. Add the hashtag & let’s share a positive message with all!

On that, some people shared the hashtag #hopenotout and posted some of their little act of kindness, one of them was this

Lala has a point and we all should follow this. We should at least start with little acts.

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