Post HBL PSL: Rumors And Clarifications

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Recently, an exciting news went viral. We all heard how Shahrukh Khan had suggested Javed Afridi that his IPL team play against Peshawar Zalmi.

Cricket lovers were on cloud nine. Imagine an IPL vs HBL PSL fixture! Pakistan vs India and cricket! All seemed to be going well…

Until later, when we found out that this news was actually a rumor!

The Fake News

According to the initial reports, Shah Rukh recently rang Javed to congratulate him on his success, followed with the proposal. Requesting him to convince the Pakistani government, while he tries to get the matter approved by the Indian government.

The Pakistani media, specially the social media, went wild. This news got viral in a matter of hours. However, soon after, statements were officially released. Both Javed Afridi and the Indian Premier League team denied that anything of this sort had taken place.

Javed Afridi denied the media reports as mere speculations:

Peshawar Zalmi are the current champions of the HBL PSL. An emphatic victory against Quetta Gladiators was an epic moment in the history of cricket in Pakistan.

KKR’s Official Denial 

The news was later also denied by the board officials of Kolkata Knight Riders, leaving many cricket fans disheartened.

India has repeatedly been refusing to play a bilateral series with Pakistan. The two countries last played a test match in 2007. However, Javed Afridi is still hopeful for peaceful cricket to happen, despite the rivalry which both nations carry on.

Post HBL PSL Reactions

Javed said that he has received praises from the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and others including Sanjay Kapoor and Gulshan Grover. The Afghanistan president has also invited Javed and his team to visit Kabul. He thinks that this could help strengthen the cricket situation there.

On the other hand, the warm attitude and dedication shown by Sammy and Samuels have brought tears to the eyes of Pakistanis. According to Afridi, the two cricketers said that they felt honored to visit Lahore for the HBL PSL Final. These sentiments mean a lot to Pakistanis as many others had refused to come here due to fear of security threats.

The players were instrumental in Peshawar’s win as they played important roles in leading their team to win the HBL PSL this year!

Peshawar Zalmi, winners of PSL 2017.
Peshawar Zalmi, winners of PSL 2017.

Well, we would have loved to see such a rumor materialize into reality (sigh!). While being a source of great entertainment, this could have (probably) helped in improving the relations between India and Pakistan too!

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Mehdi Ali