Sham Idrees Just Pull Another Silly Prank on Pakistani Awam

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Sham Idrees and Shameer Abbas

Sham Idrees Just Pull Another Silly Prank on ‘Pakistani Awam’ and this time he was not alone in this.He was accompanied by none other than Shameer Abbas. The Two Youtbers collaborated as they were present in the same city by chance.

Shameer posted a video of him and Sham going into a brawl on his Instagram, captioning ‘expose Scam Ibless tomorrow ‘ 7 pm’

What comes afterward was a video of them making fun that they fooled the audience and they are not at each other throats.



Sham Idress-funny


They look so happy together, Sham Idrees is having second thoughts regarding Shameer.

Sham Idrees-12

If you are thinking, what could be more awkward than this prank? than you must be silly. Sham Idrees and Shameer came up with their own version of Ellen DeGeneres Show, Shameer Abbas became the host of the interview session.



A moment of silence befell on the interview set when Sham Idrees was asked if he liked Ducky Bhai or not.


Sham Idrees-121


The Most Controversial Question asked by Shameer are your pranks fake? To which he replied My pranks are like yours destroying Shameer.


sham idrees-112
That’s called instant insult

To sum up, the whole collab resulted in a very ‘cringy‘ and hard to watch videos.


Reactions to the video are funny as hell.


Someone asked Ducky Bhai to collab with Sham Idrees






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