Shan Ad is breaking the stereotypes yet again and kudos for the concept

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Shan, khushiyaan chakh lou!

Shan ads has always been praised because of their concepts and quality. Just about a couple of years ago, Shan brought an ad on Eid; where two brothers were living away from home and the younger one was missing home & Eid terribly, the elder one called his mother and asked her how to make biryani and made it for his brother to make him feel like Eid while eating ‘Maa kay haath ki biryani’. The ad went furiously viral on social media and collected huge fame and appreciations.


And this time, Shan is breaking the stereotype of our society yet again, raising the question that why just women have to work in the kitchen to impress their mother in laws.

In their recent ad, the concept is of “Saalay vs Damaad”, in which the khandaan ka iqlota damaad to be comes to susraal. It’s all about the encounter between seven Salaas and a Damaad. The boy has to take approval from these saala’s to marry their sister, he will become damaad only if approved by these saala’s, otherwise no. The Salaas teased the Damaad to test him. Eventually, when the boy fell down off Rani (the horse he was on, which was also apart of the torture by the brothers) the Mamu said: You don’t fit in this family, have some food and leave.

Over the course, one of the worker came to them and tell them that the cook is absent. And everybody starts panicking about lunch; Tou khaany ka kya hoga? 

During this, damaad got the idea of cooking biryani for his Salaas to make them say yes. He starts cooking the biryani like their Beeji. All the bothers got overwhelmed by the taste and said:

“Tu Ne Tou Hum 7 Ko Aik Saath chit kardiya” 

and got ‘yes’ from the brothers at last.

The ad is breaking the conservative idea that only women belong in the kitchen but a mando not. Now, this is breaking stereotypes and giving this fresh idea of man can also win hearts by cooking well, as showed in the Shan’s ad, man cooking biryani with passion. The best thing is, this ad has no conventional intihai khush aurat and yet rocked.

Shan always manage to encapsulate their brand value.

Here the ad for you people!

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