Shaniera Akram & her video of recognizing vegetables in Urdu is adorable

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Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram’s video of recognizing vegetables in Urdu is making rounds on the Internet

Former cricketer Wasim Akram’s Australian wife Shaniera Akram has always been loved and praised by Pakistanis. And her recent video of the vegetable challenge is going viral on the internet.

In this video, Shaniera Akram is opposite to George Fulton and they both are playing a game. Where all they had to do was to recognize the name of the vegetable in Urdu and then have to pick that vegetable before their partner. In the end, it was a tie and both George and Shaneria claim victory in the challenge.

The video was shared by George who is a British Pakistani and then was retweeted by Shaniera Akram.

And here’s what fans have to say!


This is true, positivity!

A fan also had a question!

Also, there was some appreciation for George!


Watch the video here


However, we have to admit that they look super cute speaking Urdu. Our nation needs such positivity.
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