Shaniera’s Reply To Her Husband Waseem Akram Is So Cute

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Shaniera Waseem replied to Waseem Akram’s Tweets and it’s hilarious

Waseem Akram, the retired Pakistani cricketer, and Tv personality just tweeted a sarcastic tweet and here’s what happened. The local newspaper has published the photo of legendary Wasim Akram as a mayor of Karachi city mistakenly. Both Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar and the cricketer Waseem Akram share the same first name. On this, the cricketer Waseem didn’t miss the chance to throw some humor and sarcasm.

Here’s what he tweeted


While all this going on, Waseem Akram’s wife Shaniera jump in the conversation and came up with an even more hilarious reply she responded to Waseem’s tweet with sarcastic, Saying

“You are the mayor of Karachi again? Why are the wives always the last to know”.

Here is the tweet


Shaniera Akram and Waseem Akram have been married for five years and back in 2015 Shaniera once in an interview told that she fell for Waseem because of his great sense of humor.

We have to admit that they are the cutest!

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