Pink and White Or Mint and Grey ? The Internet Once Again In A Debate And Can’t Decide

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Is This Shoe, Pink And White or Mint And Grey ?

pink and white

Yes we know, nothing can be more irrelevant than this debate recently on all over social media. But this shoe’s color is the new most viral thing on internet and whole world is divided once again just to decide the color, Pink and white or mint and grey ?

Do you remember the debate of 2015 of this image ?

Golden and white

Yet once again the whole world is engaged in the same kind of debate, this time it is not dress but a shoe. The debate which created so much mess and even divided friendships is officially back once again.. 

And this shoe has captured world’s attention this time..

It is quite weird that world is confused, whether it is Pink and White Or Mint and Grey? lets find out here what people think about this shoe ?

It’s like this image is creating so much frustration 😛


Stress, Stress and Stresss !

This man got the solution and solved the mysterious debate….


So what do you think, is it pink and white or grey and mint ?

pink and white

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