Real life Siblings Married Each Other For an Australian visa

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Siblings married each other for Australian Visa

The news is from India. A brother and sister duo from Punjab tried to get register the bride (sister) as a cousin of the brother who is an Australian visa holder. And guess what, they actually did it, yes, they convinced the court in Punjab.

After that, they obviously made it to Australia because no hurdles were there. They reached there and even got the Immigration office to grant her a Spousal visa.

But they couldn’t live happily ever after lol, why? because a cousin of the siblings reported the married duo to the Indian authorities for using her name to forge a passport, bank accounts and other documents which were needed for the process to be carried out. The cousin said that she was sick of them using her name everywhere.

The Inspector Jai Singh, who is in charge of this case, said that six of the sibling’s family members are on the list including the mother, father, brother, and grandmother.

“According to our investigation, we have come to know so far that the brother was already a permanent resident of Australia and documents were forged to give his sister the identity of their cousin and they first got a marriage certificate from a gurdwara and it was registered in the sub-registrar’s office,” Inspector Singh added.

Inspector Singh told that such cases of fake marriages for an abroad visa is not shocking but the marriage of a brother-sister is something he never heard before.

This story shook people and it shows how desperately some people want to leave the countries they live in.

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