Signs to know that you’re facing burnout and need a timeout from your routine

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Sometimes we face burnout and we often think that it’s just another tiring phase. And we ignore it and settle our selves in our unbalanced life and there are side-effects of that. So, here we have a few warning signs that will help you recognize whether you’re exhausted or actually burning out.

1. A continuous feeling of exhaustion or tiredness be it a physical, mental or emotional sign of burnout


2. Negative emotions in unusual circumstances can be a sign that you are indeed burning out

3. Facing continuous health issues like lingering colds, headaches etc can be a sign of burnout

4. Lack of motivation towards your work even though when the external factor is alright is a hidden sign of burnout

5. Another sign of burnout is that you are indulging in conflicts with people be it at home or at the office

6. And the last one is that you fail to see the purpose or point of anything. For you nothing makes sense and there is zero sense of accomplishment

Relatable? if you are facing all the above-mentioned signs then its time you take a break from work and go get yourself some trip to someplace nice where you feel good and relaxed.

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Uzma Atta

A criminologist who happened to be a writer!

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