Sindh Police Launches Digital Driving License System

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A smartphone application ‘Driving License Sindh’ was made earlier this year for the convenience of Sindh citizens. The system, however, was introduced and has been operational from Tuesday. The app is designed in such a way that it delivers information pertaining to the person’s driving license through the mobile app.

About the system:

People will be able to get any information about the licenses through the app or SMS alert, thus saving time and energy wasted while waiting in the long queues. These computerized licenses will be accepted globally. Its salient features include a newly designed card that will help in detecting and preventing the issuance of fake licenses. The mobile phone app can also be easily downloaded. Moreover, the applicants can register themselves online in advance. A centralized system has been adopted for printing, release, and distribution of driving licenses as all these cards in future will be printed in Karachi and sent to the address of the applicant through courier service. There will be an online test before the license is issued. Other than that complaints, violation charges and messages are also some features of the app.



Mobile van units have been launched too so that the driving license branch can also offer its services to the people living in remote areas of the province.

Apparently, the new driving license will be linked with Nadra’s online system and the renewal of old the license will take around 15 minutes while a new license will be issued within 40 minutes. Citizens could submit a license fee in any bank.

It had become a dire need to authenticate the issuance of driving licenses in Sindh because of the number of fake licenses that were being made through other channels. Considering the wild traffic on roads in Sindh (specifically Karachi), such a regulation has become of great importance.



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