Singer Bilal Khan Dyed his hair for the dam fund and surprisingly he looks amazing

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Bilal Khan dyed his hair because of a bet and it turned out to be good

Pakistani singer Bilal Khan who is a constant supporter of the prime minister Imran Khan and PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) just now have dyed his hair because his friend dared him to do so. He did it for the dam fund. The hashtag #DamFundDare is getting famous.

Here’s the photo of him

And this is how he used to look

Why would Bilal do that?

Okay, so here is the answer. One of Bilal’s friend asked him to go blonde and he will give him $2000 for the dam fund. 

Bilal shares the whole story on his vlog on Youtube saying that he shares the water shortage in Pakistan and how we need to build a dam. And how we are collecting a proper donation campaign going on. But Bilal’s friend was least interested so he decided to make it interesting for him. So, they end up negotiating on a dare. 

“I would do anything you say if you donate $1000 dollar” said Bilal to his friend. But eventually they end up with $2000 dollar for the hair dye. 

And he accepted the dare with the cash exchange. 

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And he did it. And he actually looked really nice, no? got praised by so many of his fans and followers by what he did for the fund. 

At the end of the video he posted a message for the donation

Source: Screen-grab

Let’s donate for this cause and save our future. 

Watch the full video here

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