Singer Shamoon Ismail allegedly accused Bilal Khan of stealing his song

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Singer Shamoon Ismail accused Bilal Khan of stealing his Music

Islamabad based singer Shamoon Ismail, who started singing in 2013 with his song “TunTuna” on the other hand Bilal Khan rosed to fame after his singer “Bachana”. Bilal got so famous that he started working in Pakistani drama industry. Both singers have a unique way of their own.

However, it’s been a while since Bilal released any song. And then just this Thursday Bilal released his new song. Right after uploading it, Bilal started to get hate comments. Why?? Because according to them the song was copied.

The original was sung by Shamoon Ismail. Even Shamoon started talking about it on his Instagram, and here is what he said.


And this, the recent message that Shamoon posted for Bilal Khan


Let him know

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both singers fans are going crazy and fighting and defending each other in the comments sections.

This is Shamoon Ismail’s song “Taare”, which was released in August!

And here is Bilal Khan’s latest song “Tera Saath”. The song that has been accused of being copied of Shamoon’s song “Taare”.

According to Shamoon, the song’s melody and composition are copied and that can’t be coincident.

The other side of the story is Bilal’s and here, what he had to say!


just wanted you guys to know

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What do you guys think? is it copied or not? share with us in the comments below!

Let’s see what will happen.

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