Sleepy At Work ? Here Is How You Can Avoid This!

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Sleepy at work? It’s exhausting Ikr!

Sometimes you’re just sitting at work and feel extremely exhausted because you just can’t keep your eyes open. There is no way in hell you can avoid the thumping head, you have because of sleep. All you can hear is the inner voice of yourself whispering that ‘you’re sleepy you’re sleepy you’re sleepy’, SLEEP.


Inside of my mind right now.

This is all so exhausting that you can’t focus or even do anything at work. And at the end of the day, you’re either going home with a fine or an asterisk for being sleepy on your desk lol.

So here’s how you can fix this thing.

First of all get your life together. Yes, for this we have to change our lifestyle and sleeping pattern. And here’s how.

1. Enough of sleep

An adult needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep ideally. Especially night sleep.

2. Improve your diet

Eat combination food of high protein and carbohydrates in your lunch because later, carbohydrates have the same effect on you as caffeine and sugar, so don’t take that alone.


3. Workout

Working out is an overall plus point to stay healthy. If you can’t work out regularly, you can at least take a walk then. Such physical activities lead to calm sleep at night.

4. Avoid stress

deal with stress by doing meditation or working out again.

5. Eat on time

You need to have something in your stomach to keep working or you’ll end up losing all the energy and eventually end up feeling sleepy. So eat on time, have a healthy breakfast, a combination of carbohydrates and high protein lunch and visa verse.

6. Drink water

70% of our body is made up of water so drink plenty of it. When we stay dehydrated our energy level fells down and we end up feeling low and sleepy.

Good luck! 

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