These are some life changing experiences everyone goes through

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As you grow older, that excitement of life with different experiences tend to decrease. Hair fall, grey hair and rishta tension these all worries surround your life. You look for different anti-aging creams and hair fall solutions, for a while you feel like doomed but wait everyone goes through that phase. Here are some life experiences almost everyone go through…

Hair fall takes your every single happiness away.

Everyone starts calling you Auntie or Uncle !

When random kids start calling you auntie or uncle, but you be like “Abhi toh shadi bhi nhi hui yaar” .. There you realize, how things are changing rapidly and you are growing older.

You start connecting with old friends..

You start connecting with your old buddies with whom you haven’t met for years. To relive those memories and check out how life has changed in all these years.

When you see your first Grey-hair.

Your Family starts forcing you to get married “Budhay Hojaogay/Hojaogi, Kon Karega Shadi”

You love to spend time alone..

You rarely visit your relatives.

You rarely visit your favorite Khala aur phupho, whom you use to visit regularly. The life seems so occupied by all the routine work and daily drama that you are not able to make chill.

Your bhai/ bhen be your official sharing partner.

With the time you realize your brother and your sister can be your good adviser, and only with them you can share your problems. The bhai bhen you hated most, but now they are your official sharing partner.

Yes people, have you faced such life experiences while growing with time? Let us know in comments.

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