Cancer is indeed unavoidable. Previous year cancer surpassed the death over cardiac arrests of middle aged people in wealthy countries. In America, every 4 out of 10 people are diagnosed with cancer and some of them will eventually die. But nearly 30 to 50 % cancers are purely preventable according to WHO.

Few common practices to avoid cancer are mentioned below;

  1. Quit Smoking:

It takes the first place in causing lung cancer and also accounts for cancer in other parts of the body. A single tobacco contains almost 7000 chemicals out of which 70 of them are carcinogenic.

This the most avoidable as it kills almost 6 million people every year.

2. Avoid Processed Meat and Food:

According to the officials, processed meat are prepared with chemicals that are carcinogenic and are proved to cause damage to the cells of colon.

Also the processed and packed food contains chemicals that cause inflammation leading to cancer. Moreover, they lack all the micro nutrients.

3.Lack of Sleep:

Yes this might sound strange but working late at night accounts for 19 % of the cancers. Since, the sleep cycle is disturbed the hormones are also disturbed which decreases the production of melatonin. Melatonin protects against the diseases.

4. Using talcum Powder:

Using of talcum powder in and around genital area have proved to cancer. It accounts for 33 % of ovarian cancer and 24 % of endometrial cancer. It is said that the minerals used in making of talcum powders contains asbestos which are potentially carcinogenic.

5. Stress:

According to National Cancer Institute, Stress itself is not proved to induce cancer but they may act as a source to develop habits like smoking, over eating etc which are certainly a cause for cancer.

6. Avoid Parabens:

Parabens are the chemicals that are used in tooth pastes, shampoos, cosmetics etc. as preservatives. Since they come in direct contact with the skin, they increase the chances of breast cancer as well as skin cancer.

Not only these are the reasons there are many other reasons like inhaling second hand smoke, excessive drinking, consuming charred meat, overweight, not doing exercises, exposure to sun, not consuming green vegetables and fruits etc.

Cancer is easily avoidable and it is in our hands only. Eat healthy and stay healthy!

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