Why We Need Sports In Our Lives

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Sports play a vital role in our lives. Apart from giving us a good break from our monotonous routines, they have many benefits for us. They are not just beneficial for the body but have astonishing results in boosting mental health too. 

The Importance of Sports

20th century saw a rapid rise in technology. Modern innovations have made human lives better. However, they have also led us to neglect the requirements of our body, mainly the need for physical activities.

Many of us tend to ignore physical fitness nowadays. This is a matter of deep concern, as it is not only important for health but also for the duration of our lives. To fill up this gap, experts recommend being involved in at least one sport. Sports can benefit us in many different ways. They can help in reducing stress, shaping up the body, strengthening the bones and even our brains. Interestingly, they can even help cure depression!

Here are the top five sports which are played worldwide because of their benefits and the entertainment factor.

1. Swimming

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Swimming is a great aerobic exercise. It is most popular in Australia. Swimming is for everyone: it has no age limits or any other eligibility criteria. It just needs a willing-to-do attitude and is highly recommended for asthma patients. Other benefits include:

  • Anti-aging therapy: It has been proved that people who include swimming in their daily routine tend to live longer. Swimming is known to prolong life.
  • Makes flexible: It also helps in increasing flexibility of the body and making the body resilient.
  • Good for mental health: Swimming is great for reducing stress and calming our nerves.
  • Weight loss: It is a great way to reduce weight.

2. Cycling

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Cycling is a fun-filled physical activity. It helps in enhancing our mood and makes us lively and healthy. Not only that, it is also good for our planet! Because it is a fuel-free ride so it contributes to the conservation of resources and reduction in pollution. Also, it has other advantages, including:

  • Helps prevent diseases:  According to a recent research, cycling daily and having a healthy diet boosts your immunity. This means that cycling reduces the chances of falling ill.
  • Tones your legs: Cycling has amazing results if you want to tone up your legs. You should definitely take it up if you want to be in a good shape. It not only increases metabolism but also your stamina.
  • Peaceful sleep: Cycling helps in reducing stress and mental illness. As a result, one can sleep more peacefully.

If you’re having really bad days and want immediate positive change in your life, cycling is the sport that you should take up!

3. Tennis

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Tennis is the sports activity which utilizes almost every muscle of body. Continuous movement during the game helps in reducing weight and keeping your muscular system strong. Compare to other sports, tennis is considered one of the healthiest physical games. It strengthens your bones and improves your brain activity as you have to play strategically and keep focusing on the opponent’s hit. The other benefits include:

  • Improves intelligence: When you play tennis you need to be creative, statistical, focused and good at planning. So the more you play tennis, the better you become at thinking and thus it improves your brain power.
  • Makes you active: While playing tennis if one becomes lazy even for a little while, it will make them lose the game. Tennis requires one to be speed, active and very focused. This enables tennis players to also become more active in managing their daily tasks.
  • Full workout: If you are playing tennis on a daily basis then there is no need to worry about exercising. Thankfully, tennis itself is a complete workout routine for your body.

Indeed, tennis is a complete sport. Therefore, if you’re planning a healthy lifestyle, try adding tennis to your daily routine.

4. Basketball

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Basketball is the most played game worldwide. It is continuously evolving to a higher level. Basketball requires continuous running and thinking. It also helps in making one a good team player. Additional benefits are:

  • Team work: Basketball is a game which requires good team coordination and strong team strategy. Building on these skills through this sport is a great idea. Regularly playing this game adds team management and leadership skills to your personality.
  • Burn calories: It’s been found that an hour of competitive basketball game can burn up to 630 – 750 calories, as quoted by BETTER HEALTH CHANNEL. It’s also favorable for our cardiovascular and muscular system.
  • Strong mental health: While playing this game you have to be focused, speedy in making decisions, have to continuously evaluate your opponent’s tricks and have to be defensive throughout the game. These skills  are great for improving brain power.

Besides these advantages, playing basketball can also enhance confidence and develop strong leadership skills.

5. Gymnastics

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History narrates that the greatest sports players were the one who were great at gymnastics. Gymnastic is the complete training of body. It helps in making one flexible, strengthens bones, boosts up the immune system and helps achieve a good body shape. Some other benefits are:

  • Flexibility: With a good training of the gymnastics, one can transform their body from a lesser desired to a more desired shape. Also, it helps one become very flexible and that is very helpful in our daily life.
  • Makes an Athlete: If you have future goals of being an Athlete or an Olympian, starting with gymnastics is a good idea.
  • Improves mental focus: While doing gymnastics you need to be focus on your moves and body. This great skill of a gymnast improves mental focus in real life as well.

Sports are no doubt the best social activity which you can chose for a healthy lifestyle. It not only adds years to your life but also develops skills like management, leadership, negotiation and teamwork. Sports are also a good way to grow social circle. There can hardly be any side effects of sports. For these reasons, adding any one of the sports in your daily routine could for sure bring about the positive change that you are seeking.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. (John F. Kennedy)

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