Story Of A Little Charity Program “Tears to Cheers” That Will Inspire You

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Tears to cheers foundation

Tears to cheers foundation was started by a young boy at the age 21, Khan Muhammad Magsi. He started all of this by him self on 1st March 2018 and now he has two teams, one in Karachi and the other one is working in Hyderabad. Their main focus is to educate and provide basic needs and medical to underprivileged people of Interior Sindh.

TTC’s team has already done many projects, including the plantation campaigns in Karachi and Hyderabad.

And they are providing groceries, arrange rent/blood, and pay for medical or school fees on daily basis.

When a needy family approaches them, the team of Tears to cheers foundation do a little verification process and then help the people with donations. They also provide free medical camps in Sindh’s underprivileged areas with free medications.


Right now the biggest ongoing project of the team is the TTC water well project and wells repairing in Thar.

“We have a target to start free charity base schools and hospitals in interior Sindh”, said Khan Magsi.

Let’s join hands with them and donate as much as we can to pay for this noble cause. Because Thar needs water more than anything.

And we’re surprised to see such young boy and his team putting efforts into their foundation. We need more people like these in our society.


The team has left for Thar today, you can also join the team Tears to cheers as a volunteer.

“A Muslim shall never leave another Muslim helpless in the time of need”

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