Accusations That Pakistanis Face On Denying A Cup Of Tea

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Disclaimer: This post is about Pakistanis who do not drink tea, not about the ones who drink *stuff* other than tea.

People in the subcontinent are known to be the most avid tea-drinkers. Unlike our Chinese, Afghan and Iranian neighbors, folks in Pakistan prefer a milky tea aka doodh patti. Most Pakistanis cannot imagine their evening snacks without a cup of tea. In fact, tea is such an integral part of our social life that inviting someone over for tea is an indication that that person is being considered as a potential marriage material. In short, Pakistanis love tea. According to a poll, 84% Pakistanis are tea drinkers.

But what about the ones who don’t? Such nonconformists face a lot of issues, especially during social interactions. Here are some of the struggles a Pakistani faces when he says “He does not drinks tea” ;

1. Getting Asked “Coffee ya Chai” Whenever You Go To Someone’s House

The question itself is not as problematic as the dilemma it poses: to say or not to say? After all, it is quite possible that hearing the truthful answer might lead to a disappointing atmosphere in the room.


2. When You Tell People You Don’t Like Tea And They Look At You Like You’ve Just Insulted Their Ancestors


This is actually the funniest situation. Most people can’t believe their ears when you tell them that you don’t drink tea. They’ll probably ask you to repeat yourself.


3.The Disbelief Shown Against The Haters

Anyone who has ever seen an Indian soap will know about the typical close-up shots (accompanied by *dhish dhish dhish* sound in the background) which occurs whenever any alarming situation takes place. This is exactly what happens when some people find out about your less-than-enthusiastic attitude towards tea.

 4. Getting Asked “Chai Banana Toh Aati Hai Ya Who Bhi Nahi?”

Females are asked this question more than males, for obvious reasons. However, after making the perfect gol roti, making tea is the second most important reason for the existence of the female species, isn’t it?

Although gals in this century, when they embrace the kitchen!


 5. Random Aunties Wanting To Change Your Mind

As soon as you express indifference towards drinking tea at a social gathering, aunties start taking that as a challenge to their tea-making capabilities. They’ll use every tactic to have you taste a cup of tea they made in order to make you change your mind.



6. People Questioning Your Sanity

Some people actually have the guts to ask questions like

“Do you really don’t drink tea or are you just being pretentious?”

“Are you serious? How can anyone NOT drink tea and still function?”

“Do you have a history of mental illness in your family?”

“Are you even human? How are you still alive?”


8. When You Can’t Believe The Obsession Others  Have For “Tea”

Regardless of what anyone says, you just cannot wrap your head around all the fuss that people make about tea. It is just a bunch of dried leaves that have been boiled in water and have milk & sugar added to them . You are absolutely certain that most of the miraculous qualities people attach to tea are a result of the placebo effect.


9. Feeling Guilty Every Time The Cup Of Tea Goes To Waste

And then comes a moment where someone makes a cup of tea for you (without asking you if you even wanted tea!)

You feel bad as it goes in waste, but not guilty enough to drink that tea, though.


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Jasiah Fatima

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