The Surface Laptop: Microsoft Reveals Their New Gem

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Microsoft recently revealed their latest innovation, adding up a master piece in their Surface family. It is known as the ‘Surface Laptop‘, on account of the extremely slim body designed. Installed in it is the latest Windows 10 S along with other exciting features, consequently driving a spark of competition in the market.

The latest arrival is being claimed to be the best, not only within Microsoft Laptop, but also in comparison with the likes of Apple’s latest MacBooks. The product is to be entirely released on June 15. However, you may place an order now to book one for yourself. The new Surface member is a stand-out product among all the others currently available in the market. The one with the (i5) processor is worth $999. Meanwhile, let us brief you on its unique and astonishing features.

1. Meticulously Crafted

The product is designed with extreme care. You won’t find any screws or any lines disrupting the uniformity of the smooth surface. It is a combination of ideas to give out the perfect flow of energy with a tone-in-tone balance in the hues.

2. Colors


The laptop is available in four graceful colors: Burgundy, Platinum, Graphite Gold, and Cobalt Blue

3. Screen & Display Of Microsoft Laptop

A 13.5 inch pixel sense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2. An eye catching display with a resolution of 3.4 million pixels! The high contrast, color-calibrated screen defines the surface family. It has the thinnest LCD touch module ever created and placed inside a laptop.


4. Processors

The laptop varies with two different processors: one with a core (i5) and the other with a core (i7). The Core (i7) processor in Surface is better than that present in the 13″ MacBook Pro. Hence the Surface laptop is faster.


4. Battery Life

A component known as PCISST was integrated directly to the motherboard. It helps to reduce the power consumption, maximizing the performance of the device as engineering of the highest order was put into practice. The laptop will require no charging for up to 14.5 hours! MacBook Air can last up to 12 hours, second behind the Surface laptop.

5. Lighter, Thinner and Faster

It feels amazingly thin and light which is important when it comes to laptops. The Surface Laptop is lighter and thinner than any MacBook Pro. It is also 50% faster than any MacBook Air. Currently, no other laptop can counter the power usage, sleek design, performance, battery and other features of the Surface Laptop.


6. Keyboard

It has a clam-shell body, and a keyboard covered in Alcantara fabric, the same material used for premium Surface Pro covers. This durable fabric is imported in excellent quality from Italy. This method allowed Microsoft Laptop to laser edge after optically aligning each key. This is a signature keyboard with back-light present to assist you in the dark as well.


7. Microsoft Windows 10 S

The Surface Laptop has Windows 10 S which has an operating system that, according to Microsoft Laptop, is more streamlined and secure. This is the reason why it offers better performance and battery life than the standard Windows 10.


Well, this laptop seems to be top-notch. We would love to own it soon. What do you think about it? Comment below and let us know!

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