Corruption In Education: Taleem Ghar Exposed

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Saad Saleem, the founder and director of GOL organization is a self-claimed corporate trainer and an international speaker. He is mostly known for his event Taleem Ghar. Almost a year back, a Facebook post went viral which affirmed free O & A level education for the masses…but who knew that it will turn out to be the scam of the year!

What is GOL?

GOL (Galaxy of leaders) is basically Saad Saleem’s organization under which he runs various projects, such as Taleem Ghar and BEANEOP.

Fraud is just the term I will use to cover this type of scandal of GOL which promises to promote education in Pakistan. Recently, they were accused of making money by promising scholarships and free education. Their claim of providing free education turned out to be just a pack of lies.

This is How Taleem Ghar Ignited

Publishing posts on Facebook, promising free education for the cancer patients, 100% scholarships and statements assuring employments, have always been their top content.

The campaign is quite attractive with its design, acquiring the attention of many. Taleem Ghar was supposed to be an event in which free scholarships were to be distributed. It’s not just the name, but the slogan itself that grabbed attention. These tactics encourages people to participate without thinking logically for an instant. The idea got tons of likes on their page and popularity all over the social media.

But, Who Knew The Reality Behind All This?

Let us unfold the scenario as we find out the real culprit hiding behind the curtains.

The discussions started to pop up when some of the social activists and users raised the question regarding the address of the free O & A level school. Then this started circulating vigorously on the social media. Saad Saleem and his team replied with a school name of “Fairfield Mount School”. Although the picture looks blur and bleak, this is how the school replied to the lie being spreading around:

To this statement, Saad replied via a Facebook post in the following words:

“Our staff and students security is our first priority. We apologize for blocking and banning several people from the page for asking address and will be unbanning them in a week. Please understand that this is your project and the protection or staff & kids is important.”

But, things are still complex, regarding the affiliation with the school. However, the above picture clearly explains as to who is guilty and who is not.

Further, the recent event of Taleem Ghar, conducted on 14th May’17, revealed a lot about the scam. Every single participant received a photocopied scholarship letter. There was no mention of a specific insitute but Saad claimed that he had fulfilled his promise by granting a scholarship!



Some Questions That Saad Saleem Should Answer

People need to know the truth and Saad Saleem should provide the answers to the following pressing questions:

  1.  If he claims to give free scholarships then why he is he charging for the event passes?
  2.  Why is he offering scholarships of newly opened schools, colleges and training centers? Is this a marketing strategy?
  3.  Why is he not revealing the names of the schools affiliated with GOL?
  4.  He revealed the list of special guests, including various political personnel, who he said would be there at his event. Were they even present at the event?


The lack of basic resources in the country has diverted people’s mind to look for alternatives such these. Unfortunately, these type of opportunities often lead to disappointing climaxes. The cons relating to education is not a new thing in our country, either it is a scandal of fake degrees or of fake institutes or universities etc. Every case disappears with time and the culprits are hailed.

The major causes of such events are a poor check-and-balance system, lack of educational awareness and resources for the youth and above all easy escape from law and order. The only victims due to such reasons are the Mango people.


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